Welcome to Altura Studio. We’re glad you’re here.
We believe in the beauty of what is real. That love is elegant and joy is radiant. Weddings are days filled to the brim with beauty and happiness and our job is to capture all of it and keep it safe with our cameras so that you can come back, again and again, and feel what it was like to be you on that special day.

We believe that every bride is beautiful. But that maybe it’s more important to show her kindness or her silliness or the way that her groom makes her melt. We believe that all grooms are handsome, and half the time we fall just a little in love with our clients while we shoot them.

We believe that parents are important and we understand that this day belongs a little bit to them, too. And that your grandmother might just be the most important person at your wedding.

We believe that your photos should live somewhere besides on a DVD in a drawer. We think that gorgeous photos should live in gorgeous books so that you can share and relive your day without having to look at a computer. And we also believe that your photos are yours–and that you should have your files to do with whatever you please.

We believe in timelessness. And that being photographed should feel effortless. Formals should be fun, and that’s good, since those photos can turn out to mean a lot 20 years from now.

We believe in treating others exactly how we’d want to be, and that a little care can go a long way. And the best thing ever is when a client becomes a friend.